The Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2019

The sci-fi movie genre has come a long way since the days of Star Trek and Star Wars. With technology improving at an incredible pace, it has become possible to do some really outrageous things with the camera. We know the effects and the realism has increased, but has the quality itself increased as well?

Well, fortunately it has and I have compiled a list of the best Sci-fi movies of the year with the help of rotten tomatoes and my own opinion. Keep this in mind though, I have not included any Marvel; or DC movies in this list and have purely gone for the core Sci-fi genre movies. So, it is not a list that would have either the avengers or Shazam in it but rather Sci-fi titles that stick to the genre. Now that’s that, so let’s get on with the list.

See You Yesterday

If you asked me which is the best sci-fi movie you have seen this year, in my mind the answer would be easy, no competition whatsoever. It has to be See You Yesterday. Directed by debutant Stefon Bristol, it revolves around two kids who are science geniuses. They invent a backpack that can help you travel through time and try to save their friend from being killed in a police confrontation. It mixes Sci-fi with present day problems to give you an absolute treat.

Ad Astra

Ad Astra is another movie that I quite liked. Starring Brad Pit, it is the story of a man who wnaders to the edges of the solar system in search of his father. It has a bit of everything. Emotion, technology and beautiful cinematography, making it the second on my list. It is directed by renowned James Gray and also stars Tommy Lee Jones.

I am Mother

This one is an absolute thriller. I am Mother is an ambitious sci-fi thriller that actually goes about achieving what it aims to accomplish. Directed by Grant Sputore, it stars Hilary Swank who plays the girl’s mother.


While the premise of the movie is dark, it is not all that dark when you see the whole thing. It is about a girl who is locked up by her dad for seven years due to the fears of beings called abnormals until a stranger offers her a glimpse of the truth.


Many may question the position of this movie on this list. So, hear me out. While it is not the best movie there is story-wise, a phenomenal job has been done with the movies production design. Even if the pondering philosophy of the movie pegs you back a little, the whole package will amaze you.

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