Music Festivals That Will Make You Wish You Were There

Music festivals are among the craziest things that you will experience in your life. The atmosphere is electric, passion runs high and the music, oh what do I even tell you? It is the epitome of what a huge party should feel like and they are getting immensely popular as well. Millennials love music festivals and the size of existing ones are increasing every year.

You have to attend a music festival in your lifetime to understand what I am talking about, you will know if you are a fan of music. If you are a fan of music (who isn’t) and love to go to concerts and festivals, then I have some festivals for you that you cannot miss out on. And no, Coachella is not on the list, it was far from making it to the list because it is simply too commercial, what I have will dwarf it.

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There is no way you can talk about music festivals or make a list of the best festivals on the planet without starting with Tomorrowland. For those who don’t know what Tomorrowland is, it is a music festival that is held in Belgium every year in June and it is the motherload. Everything about it screams madness, the sets, the artists and even the crowd, boy is it the best crowd I have ever seen in my life.


Melt is the father of all modern music festivals I would say, but It wouldn’t be exactly right. Melt is however, the father of how all modern music festivals are conducted. Held in an abandoned coal mining site in Germany, Melt is home to big name rock, metal and electronic music acts the world has ever seen and the site it is held at itself is something to behold which backs into a giant forest, with activities, light shows and a nonstop dance floor.

Roskilde Festival

One of the oldest and biggest Music Festivals in the world is Roskilde Music Festival. It is certainly Europe’s best in Music festivals and was originally called the sound festival when it was created back in 1971. Although progressive dominates the headline, it also has many other genres that are played in the festival. The highlight of this year’s festival included Music Legend Bob Dylan and many other artists like Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, Vampire Weekend, The Cure and Janelle Monae.

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