Kabir Singh Movie Review

There was a lot of hype around the Kabir Singh movie. The movie is based on a character named Kabir Singh rather than a story or plot. The movie is spun around two characters, Kabir Singh, who is a dormant personality and Preeti, who is very submissive. There is a lot of discussions that go on around the character of Kabir Singh.

1. The movie begins with Kabir meeting a woman at her place for a casual hookup. The woman suddenly changes her mind and doesn’t want to continue with him. Kabir threatens to harm her with a knife but later leaves without harming or speaking anything.

2. The protagonist is Alcoholic and in one of the scenes, he is seen drinking before entering the operation theatre. The irony is, he notices one of the nurses with her lipstick on and asks her to leave the operation theatre and warns her not to wear it during operations. This contradicts the character of him being a doctor and operating after consuming alcohol.

3. In another scene, Kabir is seen mercilessly beating his opponent after a football match because the other teammates provoke him to beat him up. When the principal confronts him and asks to work over his anger issues, he justifies by telling that football is a violent sport and it was also a matter of pride for the college for this act of his. because his victory was not supported in college, he decides to quit college.

4. Upon seeing a first-year student, Preethi, in college, he decides to stay back. Immediately Kabir goes and warns all the students not to rag her and declares that she is his girl. According to Kabir, Ragging is a serious problem if done to Preethi and it doesn’t matter when other students or girls are ragged.

5. Preethi, on the other hand, is so submissive that she doesn’t express anything when Kabir kisses her. There is no happiness, anger or disgust on her face. He did not even have an affectionate conversation before he kissed her. But since she doesn’t speak up, it shows that she was okay with that.

Summing up, the character of Kabir has anger issues, alcoholic, and he is disrespectful. Preethi doesn’t voice her opinions and is not able to stand up for herself. only as the movie reaches the end, Kabir is seen becoming less aggressive and changes his attitude by understanding his mistakes and the lady love speaks up her mind finally. All the wrong things done by the character are glorified, instead of showing them negatively. Honestly, the characters influence youngsters negatively by being violent like Kabir or Silent like Preethi which is wrong for society. As actors, Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani have done their part excellently.

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