Best Ways To Entertain Your Toddler

Having Toddlers at home can be more difficult than they were as infants. Now they tend to explore more and start asking a lot of questions. At this age, they are also easily distracted, so this one is an advantage for you. To entertain them here are a few tips you could try and stick on to the ones that suit your kid.

1. Playing with toys

Accompany your kid with toys. You can engage them with making noises and actions with the toys. Kids like it when you do actions while you play or teach. It could be anything from Barbie dolls, teddy bears, cars, building blocks etc. And they are easy to clean up too.

2. Snack Time

Toddlers not only get bored easily, but they also get hungry easily. Thus it is always advised to stock up snacks for your toddler. Providing snacks will prevent them from getting hungry and angry. Snacking also keeps them occupied for a while.

3. Walk or stroller

Outdoors are always great for kids. They love seeing things around them and the air outside. Take your toddler for a walk or if they tend to run around easily you can buckle them up in the stroller. You can introduce them to the different sounds of birds, animals and insects. Let them feel the leaves and flowers. Take note to carry toys and snacks. keep moving, else they get bored.

4. Park time

If your toddler loves swings, see-saw, the marry-go-around or just running around with a ball, the park is the best place. You can also get a break and have conversations with the other parents or baby sitters, while the little ones are busy playing.

5. Let them have a bath

Toddlers love water, so you don’t have to immediately bath them. Let them sit in their bathing tubs and play for a while with their toys. This is just like going to the pool, but the advantages are many.

6. Play Dough

Play Dough can make a little mess, but they are very interesting to play with. You can give them different colours of this dough. Articles such as Popsicle sticks, forks or cookie cutters can be given for them to cut the dough or just make the sticks stand.

You could also entertain your toddler by taking help from them while you wash the dishes. Kids also love activity songs and stories. And if possible take a break by enlisting a family member or friend to take care of your child for a while.

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