Best tips to keep kids entertained at wedding reception

Keeping the little ones entertained at weddings is always a challenge. Many couples panic about kids getting bored easily and trouble parents or even cause chaos. Thus this is one of the most discussed topics on the list that requires good planning. Here are a few tips to have a stress-free wedding for both the parents and the couple. The best way to manage kids is to keep them entertained with fun.

Outdoor games

there is a garden or any vacant space in the venue, you could provide a few outdoor games for them to play with. You could arrange for lawn games that include hopscotch, lawn bowling, outdoor Jenga, Twister, etc to keep them occupied for hours. Skipping ropes and hula hoops also can be added to the list.

Rainy day entertainment

If its raining, the chances of playing outdoor games are null. You could get the table ready for indoor games. You could use different board games or jigsaw puzzles. Guess Who, Monopoly, etc will keep the kids occupied and help them to get along with other kids. These work well with the older kids too.

Arts and Crafts

kids love making things. So you could set up space with crayons, stickers, play-dough, etc and let them choose what they want to make. If you are planning a theme wedding, then kids can be involved in decorating cakes, greeting cards for the couple and animal masks photo booth.

Kids Table

there are kids of the same age, you could arrange a separate table for them to have fun over dinner. You could arrange a special menu for them and involve them to play games. This works well if they have a supervisor to look over them.

Hire Professionals

your budget allows it, you could consider hiring a professional entertainer. It could be a magician, clowns, art and craft teachers, dancers or singers.

Kids movie room

you have a vacant room in the vicinity, set it up with a TV or Projector to play their favorite movies. You could fill the rooms with pillows, cushions, beanbags or little chairs. It’s a treat if you provide them with popcorn. And the room can also be used to allow kids to rest in case they are tired.

You could get professional childcare personnel, who will be able to take care of the kids by engaging them and also keeping them under supervision systematically. Other fun ways can include hanging a Pinata for all ages and Photobooth where they can use the props to dress up and pose. For all the games provided, it is very important to include treats everywhere. Kids love keeping their hands full.

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