Best Entertainment Apps for Android

Nowadays people start to get bored frequently when they sitting quietly at home or office. So, the first thing they do is that they take out smartphone from the pocket and start looking for application which can entertain them for long time. It can be scrolling through the feeds or watching an series through streaming service for killing the bored time. By this, our smartphone always help us out from the tough situation and provides us the much-needed relief from boring time. Even, everyone has their own way of entertaining themselves and know how to past their time. Below are the best entertainment apps for android.


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Netflix is an online streaming service which has good number of collections of shows, movies of all time and also original shows. New movies are updating frequently and the collection of shows is seems to be expanding as the new episodes are added as they get broadcasted.  So, you can rate the shows and movies upon watching that by liking or disliking which helps the Netflix to recommend new titles for you.


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Ted can be best entertainment application you might get for android and also a platform which brings together the innovative thinkers and technologists on your small screen. Well, the application works on 24 languages and comes up with an simple interface. Over here, you get to see the entire Ted talks library with subtitles in more than 100 languages.  Even you can create your own playlist and add videos which you like to watch.


Dubsmash is a Android entertainment application in which you can make the entertaining video clippings. Also, you can lipsync your favourite dialogues from the movie or songs and share them with friends. This application comes up with the largest library of sounds like classic movie quotes, funny sounds and famous dialogues and many more.


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YouTube is video streaming application which do not need any introduction. This can be most entertaining application which is existing on the web. In this, you can short series, Tv series or movie clips and even the songs which is updates videos everyday. Even you can subscribe to the artist or video blogger you like and get all the information and alerts whenever their new video is out. Also, you can become a YouTube blogger by adding on your content and make money out of it.

This concludes the list of application which can be entertaining and kill our time. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best entertainment apps for android. Thanks for reading!

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