An Honest Reason Why Dark Knight Trilogy Is A Great Movie

You probably might have watched the movie, Batman, while the journey of Batman films started in early 1960 with the title Batman, in the later years the franchise rolled out a number of movies. The most famous movie in this franchise is the trilogy which starred Christian Bale as the lead role in the first installment known as Batman Begins(2005) then the production house released the second and the third chapters i.e. The Dark Night(2008) and The Dark Night Rises (2012). In this article, we will explain why it’s one of the popular movies Batman.

The Cast

Batman is star-studded which casts Christian Bale, Liam Nesson, Katie Holmes, Anna Hathway, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Morgan Freeman. Due to the presence of such superstars in the casting of the movie it automatically excited for the fans to witness all the great artists working together but it also gave viewers to experience good and quality acting.

Visual Effect

The movie was praised for its visual effects as computer-generated imagery was greatly in most parts of the movie. The Batsuit, Batmobile was made using special graphic design. The music was created by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, which gave the right music at the right times. It was attempted to create dark, happy and confusing music at the same time.

The Crew

The trilogy was directed by Christopher Nolan and the production team consists of Charles Rovan, Emma Thomas and Larry Franco. The screenplay and story were handled by David S Goyer. This resulted in a combination of a creative , efficient and reliable team of professionals. This greatly helped in producing the film with less error and in scheduled time . It is reported there were fewer incidents of shots being  retaken. Even the actions were rarely taken using stuntmen as Christian Bale was seen performing his own stunts.

Story Line

The trilogy is famously known as “Dark Knight ” . The story was based on the famous  DC comic Batman. When the wealthy parents of a younger boy were killed in front of him in the streets of Gotham. The boy had to go face his fear while growing up which resulted in him becoming strong mentally and physically. It gave the viewers to experience the darker and vulnerable side of Batman and the making of the Batman.

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